Let’s Pray Together.

Let’s Pray Together.

Welcome to Grace and Prayers!

We help Christians build a better relationship with God by providing prayers for every situation and every person.

You can use the search feature below to find prayers that are specific to your situation. Each collection of prayers also gives you the opportunity to pray for others or create your own prayer request in the comments.

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While we’re focused on creating helpful, powerful, and insightful prayers for Christians around the world, we also write about Christian living, how to pray, and much more. You can see all our latest work here.

8 Encouraging Prayers For February

Do you want February to be better than January? What do you need to pray for in February? As the calendar page turns to a new month, it makes sense to want to pray to God, doesn’t it? February means that you are definitely into a new year. That can mean you’ve paid the Christmas…

woman prayers at the start of the year in a field at sunrise

9 Uplifting Prayers For January

Do you want January to be a better month than December? Would you like to pray for a better January? As the calendar page turns to a new year, and a new month, it makes sense to want to pray to God, doesn’t it? January signals the beginning of a new everything for many people–a…

Christian about to pray

We Asked 7,454 Christians How Often They Pray…And The Results Were Surprising

We surveyed 7,454 Christians across the United States over two years to find out more about how often they pray, how long they pray, and what stops them from praying more often.  We split the respondents by age and asked them to choose only one answer that best represented the frequency of their prayer. I’ll walk…

Prayers About Financial Matters

Most people, at some time or another, have needed to pray about money. It’s no surprise that these are some of our most popular prayers.

Prayers For Financial Advisors

7 Honest Prayers For Financial Advisors

Seeking prayers for financial advisors? Then we hope you can use these 7 prayers whether you’re giving the guidance on money, or receiving it!

Prayers For Financial Discipline

6 Bold Prayers For Financial Discipline

Are you seeking prayers for financial discipline? Then we hope that you can use these 6 prayers if you want to be financially disciplined!

Prayers For Hard Times And A Better Future

We know that God has a plan for our future and we can’t expect to fully understand His plan. But prayers for our future can help us feel closer to God’s plan while helping us stay more active in the present.

Prayers Of Thanks For Healing

9 Strong Prayers Of Thanks For Healing

Are you seeking prayers of thanks for healing? Then we hope you can use these 9 prayers to show your gratitude for God’s healing powers!

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Who’s Behind Grace and Prayers?

Hello! My name is Ann McNeals and I created Grace and Prayers to help Christians pray. Talking to God can feel overwhelming- even more so if you’re already stressed out or struggling. Prayers forums are great, but I wanted to create a space where Christians can find exactly the type of prayer they needed.

Whether that’s a long prayer about Repentance or a simple short prayer for a better tomorrow I wanted Christians to be able to find exactly what they need.

We work with a team of pastors and Christian theologians to create concise, powerful, and easy-to-read prayers. I hope you find exactly what you need and if you don’t, feel free to reach out!