5 Gracious Prayers for Hair Growth

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Looking for prayers about hair growth?  Are you losing your hair and not sure what to do about it?  Do you desire new hair growth but uncertain as to whether you can pray about such an issue?

Facing hair loss is no easy task.  Maybe you lost your hair due to a sickness or surgery.  Or maybe hair loss has happened because it runs in your family.  Perhaps you want hair growth to occur for these reasons, or some other reason.

Whatever the case may be, you clicked through and have arrived at this prayer site. Allow yourself to be strengthened as you read, and grow in your prayer confidence as you pray these prayers.

These five gracious prayers for hair growth reflect a variety of concerns around hair loss and wanting more hair on your head.  You can make each one work for your particular situation or need.  Use these prayers as a starting point and as you begin, you can modify the prayer to communicate with God how you want.

God does care about your hair as he cares for every person that He created.

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows” (Luke 12.7, NIV).

You have value and worth to God, whether you have a lot of hair on your head or no hair.  You can also pray to God about any thing, any time, anywhere.  There is nothing too small, or too big, to bring to the Almighty by praying.  As you pray, you grow closer to God and your relationship strengthens.

It’s not like God doesn’t know that you are concerned about your hair growth.  He is aware of everything that goes on in your life, so there’s no need to hide this from God.

So, why not just be vulnerable with your Creator and share your heart and needs.  Keep in mind, praying about hair growth has less to do with personal vanity, and more to do with realizing your value to God.  Be at peace as you pray!

Let these prayers be a gracious way of sharing and receiving from God.  Feel free to write your own prayer requests at the end of this article.

A Short Prayer for Hair Growth

God, I don’t want to lose all my hair.  It’s already thinning out and I’m exploring products to help thicken what I’ve got.  I know it might seem vain, but I pray to you to enable my scalp to grow hair and not lose anymore hair from my head.  I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

a brief prayer for hair growth pin Pin

A Prayer for Hair Growth After Chemo

O Lord, I’ve lost my hair due to chemotherapy treatment for cancer.  It was such an ordeal–losing it in strands, then in handfuls, then it was just gone.  All my hair was gone!

I knew this before I entered into the treatment but it was still shocking to experience it as I took my showers.  And don’t get me wrong, Lord, I’m so glad I’m alive–the cancer is gone!  Praise you and thank you, Lord!

Can I ask for something further beyond the healing you have worked in my body?  Can I ask you to restore hair to my head?  I’m not being vain, God, I just want to feel like a woman again, not some sickly cancer patient.  The internal threat is gone and I feel better.  Now I want to look better too, on the outside.

I realize the hair growth may be slow and I probably won’t have the hair I had before, but I just want some kind of hair up there.  Let my hair be a witness that you touched me and you are the Great Healer, Lord!

I pray all of this, thankfully, in the name of the Power above all, Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

A Prayer for Hair Growth After Surgery

Lord Jesus, I had to have brain surgery and as a result, part of my head had to be shaved.  I don’t know if it’s because of the stitches or the scar, but my hair doesn’t seem to be growing back in the same way in that spot.

It looks kind of silly with an empty patch of scalp amidst my other hair.  I ask you to restore the healthy follicles and hair roots in that spot so hair will grow back.
I give you thanks that the surgery went so well, Lord.  Now I ask that you lead me in the next step of healing and create new hair growth in that surgery location on my head.  I ask this in the strong name of Jesus, Amen.

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Prayer for Hair Growth a Bad Haircut

God in heaven, I cannot believe I am praying to you about this, but Scripture shows we can pray to you about anything, so here goes!

I just received the worst haircut in my life.  The person cutting my hair apparently wasn’t paying attention and my hair is grossly uneven, and in a very noticeable way!  I was so upset I couldn’t stay in the salon to have her try and fix it–and I didn’t really trust the stylist to do that after she messed this up so badly.

I’m going to have to use my husband’s clippers to basically shave off most of my hair to have a starting point to go from on this.  So, in desperation, I pray to you that my after all of this my hair will grow out somewhat normally.  I ask you for solid hair growth.

I realize my hair is going to look a bit odd, or “not quite right” for a few weeks, but I know you can make hair grow because you are God.  I pray all of this in the name of Jesus our Lord, Amen.

Prayer for Hair Growth Treatment

God, I pray for more hair on my head.  I’ve started a hair growth treatment regimen and I’m praying that it works.

I know you care about me and even about the very hairs on my head, so I choose to believe that you also care about me restoring hair growth to my scalp.  So, I pray to you, God, that the treatment I massage into my hair twice a day will strengthen the hair that is there and renew my hair follicles.

I pray that the supplements I take each day by mouth will work as they were formulated and bring new life to my hair roots and cause new hair to growth where there is none right now.  I pray for the whole treatment to work in tandem to help me grow hair on my head.

I feel a little self-conscious, Lord, in praying about this but I know you hear my prayers and know my heart seeks after you.  I pray all of this in the healing name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, people may wish to pray for hair growth due to any number of circumstances.  It is valid to pray about what concerns you.  You don’t need to hold anything back from God.

Even if you do not have renewed hair growth, you don’t have to choose to be upset about it.  The Bible seems to suggest that baldness is acceptable, “A man who has lost his hair and is bald is clean.  If he has lost his hair from the front of his scalp and has a bald forehead, he is clean (Leviticus 13.40-41, NIV), so you don’t have to measure up to some societal image.

Some people may desire new hair growth for any number of reasons, and there are several manageable solutions to renewing hair growth. You can add to your comfort as you seek to have hair growth by praying about it as well and not everyone is ready to pursue the medical angle when it comes to hair growth.  Other people worry about getting older and losing their hair, or their hair going gray.  Remember this truth from Scripture:

“Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness” (Proverbs 16.31, NIV).

And, while a Biblical character like Samson gained his strength from his hair, it doesn’t mean you are less strong if you don’t have as much hair as you used to have.  It’s okay to want hair growth and to pray about this concern.  You don’t have to feel self-conscious.  Pray in the freedom Christ grants you!

As you pray, you may find your heart and mind filling with peace.  You may become less anxious about whether your hair will grow back again.  You may discover a new level of trust in God, and a deeper understanding of how you relate to God.  Let this issue of hair growth on your head be an opportunity to connect with God in a new way than you have before now.

We hope these five prayers are helpful to you.  If you know of someone else who might benefit, please share this website, and these prayers, with them  We invite you to include your own personal prayer requests in the comments section below this article.

32 thoughts on “5 Gracious Prayers for Hair Growth”

  1. Elizabeth Crawford

    I pray on behalf of my son,who is 35 yrs ols, his hair has been thinning for a number of years now, he has a good head of hair, apart from the crown, down to his forehead, which is thinning, he,s upset by this, and wont go to the door without a cap on same if he goes out!, iby him things to help but they dont reallyvhave any impact, so i ask God to intervene, he,s very shy , and this situation doesn’t help !!, If it be your holy will plesse restore his hair to it formar glory, thankyou Fathet God 💜🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth. I’m praying for your son’s hair growth and for him to be confident in the hair he has! I know others are praying for you and your son as well. God bless.

      1. Elizabeth Crawford

        Thankyou Ann, im so grateful for kind people like yourself, to pray for my Son , it means so much Angel Blessings 😇 😇😇🙏🙏🙏

  2. I’m asking for total hair restoration from stress and illness In Jesus name I ask that this be done for me and it is so.My name is Charnita.Askibg baptized believes touch and agree with me.

  3. Elizabeth Crawford

    Thankyou for for your prayers for my son, he is beautiful soul, and has never offened God in all his life, being a sensitive, he,s very shy, but he,s so intelligent, beyond his years, im so Grateful to all the souls who pray for others, Ive seen Angels, and i ask my Guardian Angel, to send additional Angels to all of your homes, Please speak to them, as they cant infringe in your free will, they need your permission, they can help u in lots of ways, God Bless 😇😇😇

  4. Elizabeth Crawford

    Praying for you Charnita, that God answers your prayers, i olso pray for you, just as others are praying for my son, God will answer, he hears all prayers… IN JESUS PRECIOUS NAME ..AMEN 🙏

  5. Kimberly Bryant

    It is such a blessing to know that my Heavenly Father is concerned about everything that concerns me. As a Black African American Woman, I’ve always had a head full of thick hair. As the clock continued to tick I noticed my hair was thinning. Not to mention I wore a style for year called a “Freeze.” The products used for this style consisted of gel with alcohol and several hours under the hairdryer at a very high rate. At times I could feel my scalp literally burning while
    under the dryer. Not realizing that this procedure severely damaging my hair follicles. The outcome to this madness caused me to go bald in the crown area of my head. My self-esteem was at it’s lowest point ever. By this time there was nothing left to do but 🙏. Also, I looked in the bible for all of the hair scriptures I could find and read them day and night. Last but not least I began using a vitamin called Nutrofol daily. All praises to God. My hair finally began to grow back. So have patience, faith, trust, and believe. Be encouraged!
    Kim Bryant

  6. Brian from Kenya. I am 25 and my hair is thinning at an alarming rate from the frontal area towards the crown. I never get outside without a cap. Although a spiritual person, it is until recently that I started praying about my hair. I am certain it’ll grow back. Since I started praying for my hair regrowth I have grown stronger in faith, and that makes me feel great, having a good relationship with God. If He parted the red sea for the Israelites and healed the bleeding woman then hair restoration is nothing. Just believe and pray in faith.

  7. Please pray for my 15 year old son Lucas. He started losing hair at 13 and now has a major receding hairline. He wears a hat every day but kids at school rip it off of his head and make fun of his forehead and hairline. It has taken a HUGE toll on this once self confident kid. I have put him on a hair growth regimen but I know prayer is really the only thing that can turn this around. Thank you in advance for any prayers said.

  8. Hey Guys! I’d love some prayer I am 22 years old and I’m starting to lose a lot of hair. I have been praying for a while that my hair would grow back or just even stop falling out of my head. I know that God will heal me and wants to heal me even more than I want to be healed but if you could just partner with me in prayer for my scalp to be redeemed and for thick and healthy hair to grow!

  9. Anne,

    I amm moved by your caring prayers for others, and am requesting prayer for my hair loss as well. At times I’m able to avoid looking at the balding areas and therefore block the issue out of mind. But, whenever I do look and notice my receding hairline and thinning crown, I am embarrassed. Perhaps my hair means too much to me, but I do value what I have and earnestly desire more.

    Thank you,


  10. Hey my name is jurni and my hair feels like it’s not growing back do to after going to the hair salon and I’m am really upset about it because the lady was suppose to give me a trim but instead she just cut most of it off and now it’s taking a long process to grow back and I just really want prayer for it to grow back

  11. After reading everyone’s prayer requests I have felt such a happiness in my heart knowing God cares for our hair, but even more He cares for who we are inside as He loves us unconditionally. I am also praying for hair restoration and I know God is healing mine and everyone else’s here in the name of Jesus.

  12. Please pray for me I have very matted hair after being in the hospital with cancer and not being able to raise my arms for a couple of months. It is bad and I don’t want to cut it. Thank you.

  13. I lost my hair about 25years now.l started pulling out my own hair when l saw a girl in my class doing same. l have tried to stop but to no avail.l think it a spiritual battle and unless God help me.l truly want to stop so l become a complete woman.am dying inside as l have to wear weave on everyday .please remember me in prayers

  14. Dear Lord,
    Thank you for the gift of community and openness in our prayers to you

    You say ask of anything and it shall be given to you. Lord I have been trying different hair regimens for growth. But to no avail. I am praying that I will not lose hair anymore and it will grow to be strong. Every word that has been uttered about having bad hair is cancelled in the name of Jesus.
    I thank you for the privilege to approach you about this

    Thank you for your comfort and care.
    In Jesus name .

  15. I ask my Jesus to strengthen my very thin balding scalp, and totaje away my malady or this that Igave to Jesus. Skin cancer I forbid it to harm me or come back, I surrender to you my Jesus Christ.

  16. Hello Believers of Christ,
    I like to have all the best hair I once had x 20 times ASAP.
    I asking in faith and sharing so that we agree together, not just for me alone but all the people who are coming to God for rescue operation for restored hair.
    Thanks and regards,

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