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pastor john page

Pastor John Page

Having served as a pastor for 20+ years, John thrives on writing and praying. He is thrilled to combine the two here at Grace and Prayers.

John has written more than a dozen books on prayer and theology.

He lives with his family in Georgia and is always on the lookout for a great fish taco!


John has a true passion for faith-based leadership and is a valuable part of the Grace and Prayers team. He brings more than 20 years of experience in guiding communities through transformative spiritual journeys.

His expertise lies in effective communication, both written and oral, deeply rooted in Christian theology. Dedicated to empowering individuals and communities, John strives to reduce ignorance and inspire continuous learning within a faith context.

His career, spanning three decades, is marked by leading with compassion and integrity, influenced by his extensive travel and engagement with diverse cultures and theological perspectives.

His tenure at The United Methodist Church was characterized by a holistic approach to ministry, balancing administrative responsibilities with pastoral care and community engagement.

John has always prioritized servant leadership, embodying the values and teachings of Christ in every aspect of his work.

His life is also filled with personal passions, including a love for college football and the pursuit of culinary delights, all while maintaining a light-hearted spirit with a good Dad joke.


Fuller Theological Seminary, Doctor of Ministry in Holistic Personhood, September 2005 – May 2009

Asbury Theological Seminary, Master of Theology (ThM) in Cross-Cultural Understanding and Engagement, June 1997 – May 1999

Asbury Theological Seminary, Master of Divinity (MDiv) in Public Speaking and Research, August 1994 – May 1997

The University of Tulsa, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication (Public Relations), August 1987 – May 1991, Minors in Marketing and Psychology

Prayers By John Page

happy elderly couple in their new home

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Are you facing retirement soon? Are you considering retirement and need to pray about it? Retirement is a big transition in anyone’s life, so it makes sense to want to pray about it. Let these seven hopeful prayers for retirement serve as encouraging tools to go to God with what is concerning you. Each prayer

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8 Caring Prayers For Firefighters

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Is Prayer Just Talking To God?

Prayer is about speaking to the Almighty Creator of the universe so can you really just talk to God like you would a friend? You will speak words to God and listen for Him to respond in some way, so that’s a conversation. Is prayer just talking to God? Yes, it is. Whether you pray

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6 Hopeful Prayers For A Sister In The Hospital

Is your sister in the hospital and you need to pray for her? Sometimes it can be tough to know what to pray when someone close you is in the hospital. Your emotions can get ramped up if the situation is very serious, and your words may fail you. Let these six hopeful prayers for

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loving husband visiting wife in hospital

7 Caring Prayers For My Wife in the Hospital

Do you need to pray for your wife in the hospital? When anyone you care for is in the hospital, it can be nerve-wracking. But when it’s your wife, whom you’ve pledged to love in sickness and in health, the situation takes on a whole new level of worry and concern. As you look through

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14 Inspiring Prayers For Learning

Are you wanting to learn more in the coming year? Have you considered praying about what and how you will learn? These fourteen inspiring prayers for learning cover a variety of scenarios and are intended for you to get you started in talking to God. You can alter the wording of any prayer, if needed,

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