8 Life-Changing Prayers for Stolen Items to be Returned

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“It’s gone!”  “They’ve taken my stuff”

Stolen.  Someone has taken what belongs to you.  You feel angry and frustrated and helpless.  Especially if this was a big item like a newer car or other major purchase. A host of swirling emotions fill your mind.  Can you pray for stolen items to be recovered?  Yes, you can.  But you may not even know what to pray for at this moment.

We offer the prayers below to help you in this difficult and confusing time in your life.  Find the one that best suits your situation, and feel free to personalize it to your exact situation.  We encourage everyone to pray for the person who took your items, as Jesus reminds us, “Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you” (Luke 6.28 NIV).

You are welcome to share your own prayer requests in the comments section below.  As one who has been where you are right now, and feeling what you’re feeling, I hope these prayers enable you to gain some measure of peace.

A Short Prayer for Stolen Items to be Returned

Father God, I can’t believe someone took my stuff!  Most of it doesn’t even have much value, except to me.  I’m so frustrated right now, it’s hard for me to pray, but I know you hear even the simplest of prayers.  I ask you to somehow get my stuff back to me.  I want my items returned to me, and hopefully undamaged as well.

I pray for the police as they investigate this, may they obtain good leads. I pray for anyone who knows about the stolen items to come forward and be helpful.  I ask for the pawnshop owners who may come across my stuff to alert the authorities immediately.  And Lord, even though I don’t really feel like it at all, I pray for the thief–convict that person and change their heart.  I ask this in the powerful name of Christ, Amen.

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A Prayer for a Stolen Phone to be Recovered

God in Heaven!  My smartphone was lifted at the store when I had my back turned.  I wish I had been paying better attention, but whoever took it was quick.  Lord, I know it’s just a phone and my insurance will probably cover the cost of a replacement, but I have my whole life on that phone!

All those pictures and videos that I can’t fully replace!  All the contact information for my friends and family–I can’t even remember my parents’ number because it’s on my phone!  It seems silly to pray about a stolen phone when there are people sick with major diseases and really serious stuff out there, but I need my smartphone to function in my life.  Thank you for hearing even the smallest prayer, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Prayer for a Stolen Computer to be Returned

Dear Father God, I left my computer for a moment to get my coffee refilled and someone walked off with it!  I’m having a hard time even processing what just happened.  Please help me with clear thinking right now, Lord.  My computer is password protected so it’s not going to be worth much to someone, which doesn’t make sense to me.

This is a major deal for me, God–all my work was on there.   I know I’ve got some of it saved but it’s going to take a lot of time to recreate what I need.  Lord, this is going to have serious ripple effects in my life.  That computer is how I work remotely and keep track of my family’s financials.  Could they steal my identity?

O God, be near to me in this moment!  I’m trying not be anxious about this and give everything to you in prayer, so please grant me peace and a calmness.  I ask these things in the comforting name of Jesus Messiah, Amen.

A Prayer for a Stolen Purse to be Found

O Jesus, my purse is gone!  It’s got everything in there–my car keys, my phone, my money and credit cards, plus the little gift I had for my friend.  I can’t even call the bank and credit card companies to cancel my cards!  Plus, Lord, it was my favorite purse–my daughter bought it for me.  All the stuff in it would be a shame to lose, but Lord, I’d really just like the purse back.

God, I thank you for the helpful people here at the mall who’ve been so kind to me.  Bless them for their helpfulness in letting me use a phone to call my spouse and my work.  I’m grateful that I wasn’t hurt when my purse was stolen.  I’m shakily praying this in the strong name of Jesus, the Christ, Amen.

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A Prayer for a Stolen Wallet to be Found

God, my wallet was lifted right out of my pocket on the street!  When I turned to see who bumped into me, they were already gone.  Thank you Lord, I wasn’t assaulted by the thief, but I’m still a little shook up–I’ve never been robbed before!  I guess I should be grateful I still have my phone so I can cancel all my financial accounts and cards, but God, this really is upsetting to me.

But I give you thanks, God, for the quick response of the police.  I’m hopeful they can find the wallet–that the thief only takes the cash and dumps the wallet where it can be found.  Thank you, Father, for being with me in the midst of this crazy day.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Prayer for Stolen Household Items to be Recovered

My God, our house has been broken into and some thief took our stuff.  Our personal space has been invaded, and it feels weird, Lord.  I keep thinking about what all did they touch?  Am I going to feel safe in my own home now? I’m trying to be strong for my family and calm their anxiety, but I’m kind of anxious myself, God.  I feel powerless, helpless, and worried.

I feel like I need to be thankful we weren’t home when they broke in, but I can’t really organize my thoughts right now.  We’re all unharmed, so I’m grateful for that piece of reality, God.  Please help me grab hold of other truths so I can make it through the next few hours and days ahead.

It almost seems petty for me to ask you for the return of the items stolen, but I’d especially like for the jewelry to be found and recovered.  All the pieces are from different relatives so it’s all very meaningful to me and my spouse.  This prayer sounds so scattered Lord, but I know you understand and will still hear it.  I pray this with strength from you, my Savior Jesus, Amen.

A Prayer for a Stolen Car to be Found

O my God, my Savior, my car has been stolen!  What am I going to do?  I can’t work without my car; I can’t take my kids to school or pick them up; I can’t take my friend to her doctor appointment!  I can’t exist without my car, Lord.  I need your help right now in major ways!

The police have arrived and have my information so I’m’ grateful they are already at work to locate my car.  I hope and pray, Lord, that whoever took it was just doing it for a joyride, and they’ve left it somewhere easy to find.  I just need my vehicle back intact, and hopefully without any damage to it.  Please Lord, hear my prayer, through Jesus, the Christ, Amen.

A Prayer for the Thief

Dear God, I don’t want to pray for the person who stole my stuff.  I know the Bible says to pray for those who hurt us, but it’s really hard to do in real life!  I ask that you take this reluctant prayer and intercede on my behalf, even as I speak the words.  As I pray, please transform my heart toward this thief.  I don’t want hatred in my heart, O God.

I pray this person–may they be convicted in their heart for the wrong they have done.  May the desire they had to steal be changed by you God to a heart that no longer wants to take what is not theirs.  I pray they return everything they’ve stolen so it can be given to its rightful owners.  I pray you bring accountability to them, Lord, so they can be set upon the path of following you.  I humbly pray this in the healing name of Jesus, Amen.

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Concluding Thoughts

We’re sorry that someone has taken something from you.  It feels like they’ve taken more than just the item–they’ve taken a measure of trust, too.  It may be easy to choose to be cynical or be suspicious of other people now, but take heed of Jesus’ teaching, “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5.44 NIV).

Even if your items are never recovered, may these prayers help ease your worry, and bring calmness into your heart. You can also focus on moving on and praying for a better tomorrow. Please share your own prayer requests in the comments area below.

29 thoughts on “8 Life-Changing Prayers for Stolen Items to be Returned”

  1. Mantoa Ignitia Monakale

    Father God i ask you to help me to find my IDs and bank cards and my cell phones and all cards was in my bag the person who took them on the chair please my Lord touch his heart to have mercy and think that things is not belongs to is belongs to me it is the importand focuments to me and phone including the bank card of my husband and his phone in Jesus name i know your with me now on this fustrations way i trust you Lord my father touch the heart of that person who is stealing my bag saturday of 22/10/2022 and my God on 15/10/2022 it was funeral of my husband the following saturday they took bag it is too much to me Lord i trust God father oh my Lord Amen

  2. Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask for everything stolen personal meaning , antiques, clothes, photos (Everything) my inheritance stolen after my Mother’s passing. To be returned. May the thief or Thieves have a change of heart to do the right thing. I forgive them and hold no I’ll will. It will take a Miracle and I believe in Miracles. I believe in you and nothing is impossible through you! Thank you Father God in advance
    Amen & Amen

      1. I’m Asking for prayers In Agreement, over 3years Ago, I was A Beneficial In A Legal Will, All The Contents Of The House. Antiques, Art Paintings, Bank Accounts, Etc, was due To Me, I Been Taken Advantage Of, never Contacted, They have Got Rid Of All The Contents Of The House, the Reverse Mortgage people own the House, they telling me the Will is not valid, it’s Legal And Notorized By Law . Everything , the Enemy has stole that is Leagally Mines, I Pray, That God Releases It To Me, The Rightful Owner.

  3. I pray that the person who took my possessions is caught and taught a lesson in Jesus name. I pray that the credit card company will return the money they used to buy goods to me and that the overwhelming evidence will be used in a court of law against the thief. I pray they will learn from this and turn to you in a time of need. Amen.

  4. I don’t know who took the money orders out of my purse, but my daughter and I have a strong suspicion. I am a senior citizen, and my daughter has a learning disability. Sometimes people try to take advantage of us. They don’t care what they cost us in time or money.
    I pray to the Holy Spirit that our money be returned in some manner, and that Guidance toward a better way of living be provided for those who took it. It is hard not to be angry, and mistrustful of the world, but I believe that if you say steal, steal, steal to the world, the world will say steal, steal, steal right back.

  5. Pictures, jewelry, clothes made by my mother and grandmothers, letters I wrote to my father, and almost all of my college coursework over four years was stolen from my mom’s garage. Please pray for the person that did this. I pray that their heart changes and I get it returned.

  6. Praise the Lord.
    Things have been missing in our home, especially money. Just few days ago my wardrobe was locked with some money saved for the car repair and other payments. Last night it was stolen and also my daughters money and perfume. Please seek God’s intervention through prayers to return all these money and belongings and identify the culprit. Seeking earnest prayers.

      1. I pray my son’s computer is returned to him. We know who took it and I pray that Jesus, please change his heart and return the computer to Eric. We have been asking Tom to return it and he has not complied. Eric is upset with not only Tom, but, with us, his parents. I pray not only for Tom to return the computer, asap, but, also for Eric to see that we have done all that we could do to get the computer back. God, we need your help, if it be your will. Please work on Tom’s heart and Eric’s change them into the men you created them to be. I pray they are kind, understanding and receive the fruits of your Spirit. Thank you, I love you, Amen.

  7. I am trusting the Lord Almighty to touch the hearts of those who are in possession of my stolen items: HP laptop, Samsung Note 10 and R2000 to return them back to me. Heavenly Father I pray in the name of Jesus, make a way for my lost items to be returned. Lord you are all knowing and there’s nothing hidden from you. You’re the very present help in times of trouble. Father I need you help right now. Thank for answering my prayer and bless those that agree with me in prayer. Father we ask you in the wonderful name of Jesus.

  8. Heavenly Father I humbly seek you too help me recover my stolen Samsung s23 ultra. I should have been paying attention and I feel so down. Please forgive the person who has it and heal their heart, tech then how to obey you. Please return my phone asap and thank you for everything you do for us constantly. I believe in you and completely trust you. Please forgive us or sins and thank you for all your help, in your son’s blessed name amen and amen.

  9. Rethabile mathebekase

    Dear lord,My school laptop was stolen from me yesterday I feel so careless and stupid. Lord I forgive the person who stole it may they have a change of heart and let you guide them. I pray that it may be found in a good condition and not sold or broken. This is really hard to believe my world has turned upside down. May the grace of our Lord Jesus christ be with all of us now and forever more .AMEN

  10. I ask that we pray for the thief’s that took my dads lifetime savings to be returned or they can get caught. My father and mother are heart broken so many years of hard work and someone just came and stole their belongings savings and jewelry. I pray for peace in my parents heart so they can move forward from this horrible thing that has happened to them.

  11. I pray that my late husband’s jewellery and coins and my personal jewellery are returned to me. I pray for the person who took them to soften their hearts and return them. These items were left for my kids by my late husband. I am not worried about the monetary value cause God with Bless me with more. I just want my his jewellery to be returned it is an heirloom to be passed on in generations

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