6 Impactful Prayers For Your Daughter Having Surgery

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Surgery of any kind can be a nerve-racking experience, for both your daughter and those around her that love and care for her. 

A great way to ease the anxiety is to put your focus (and her focus) on the Lord in prayer. 

In Psalm 94 verse 19 it says: “When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.” It reminds us that the comfort of the Lord will cheer our souls. 

When we focus on God’s truth we know that it is well with our souls. Prayer is a great way to share your heart with the Lord and let Him know your fears and your worries.

Use these prayers to share your heart with the Lord. There will be various options for prayers to use during the process of your daughter undergoing surgery as well as prayers for the recovery process. 

At the end, there will be an option for you to leave a prayer request. Please leave any prayers you may have involving your experience with your daughter having surgery. 

Allow other believers around the world to be praying specifically for this cause. There is power in our unity in prayer and through this situation we can rest in  Christ and know He hears our prayers and cares for us all. 

Prayer For A Successful Surgery For Your Daughter


Thank You for being our Comfort in times of tribulation. You knew this surgery was coming before any of us did and we know You are fully in control. 

I pray for peace around this situation while we help our daughter prepare for this surgery. I pray for protection and that the procedure itself would go smoothly. 

I pray for this surgery to result in healing and that any questions would be answered through the process. 

I pray that You would hold my daughter tightly and all the anxiety would wash away. I pray that  You will fill the entire hospital room with Your presence and that everyone that enters the room will feel it. 

I pray for You to work through these doctors and nurses to bring healing to my daughter and that You will bless their hands as they work. 

I pray that from the preparation all the way to the recovery process You would make Your presence known to my daughter. That she would know that she is Your daughter first and foremost.

I pray for your protection over her. I pray that You will use this situation for her good and Your glory. 

In Jesus Name


Short Prayer Before Your Daughter’s Surgery


Thank You that You are always there to hold up Your children when they cannot stand. 

I pray that You would fill my daughter with peace as she goes into the surgical room and throughout the process she would feel Your presence. 

I pray for protection over her. I pray that You will bless the hands of the surgical team and guide them as they operate. 

I pray that You will surround the room with peace and protection and that it will feel peaceful and calming. 

In Jesus Name


Positive Prayers During Your Daughter’s Procedure


Thank You that You are always in control in every situation. As my daughter is in surgery right now I pray that You would protect her and bring forth healing through this procedure.

I pray that You would keep my heart set on You as this situation has brought forth anxiety.  I pray that You would oversee the entire operation and that You would use this situation for our good and Your glory.

I pray that the medical staff would be blessed and that they would have steady hands and strong motivation to get this procedure done smoothly.

I pray You would equip us all for the situation whether it be emotionally, financially, or physically. 

I lift my daughter up to you now and I pray to trust in You and that You are the ultimate healer, provider, and protector. 

In Jesus Name


Prayer For The Medical Staff


Thank You for providing us access to amazing medical staff that is equipped to deal with different types of surgeries.

I pray that You would bless their hands as they prepare themselves for the procedure. 

I pray that You would bless their eyes so that they would see anything they need to see. 

I pray that You would speak to their hearts and soften them to not just see my daughter as another patient but to see her as precious as You do.

I pray that they would feel Your presence in the room as they prepare, as they are operating, and as they are meeting with my daughter about after-care.

I pray that You would speak to them through all different types of people they interact with and that they would dig deeper to truly get to know You.

I pray for Your protection over them and give them peace that passes all understanding.

In Jesus Name


Prayer For The Loved Ones Of My Daughter


Thank You for creating my daughter and providing her a loving and supportive family.

I pray for Your peace and comfort for the loved ones of my daughter, including myself.

I pray for Your guidance and wisdom as we navigate how to help my daughter in the best way.

I pray that You would comfort us when we feel the anxiety creep in. I pray for the reminder that You are the Author of our lives and You have overcome the world.

I pray that we stay focused on Your truths and not let fear take over.

I pray for protection and I pray for peace that passes all of our understanding.

I pray that You will meet every need. 

In Jesus Name


Prayer For Financial Security Before and After Your Daughter’s Surgery


Thank You that You are a loving God and that You always provide every need we have. 

In Matthew 6: 26 it says “Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.” 

I pray that this verse would speak directly to our hearts in times of financial stress. I pray that we would remind ourselves that You know us and our situations better than we ever could. 

I pray that the anxiety that comes with each medical bill would be washed away. 

I pray that when things seem bleak and impossible, You step in and make things possible.

I pray that doors would be opened and that through this financial burden You would make yourself known and that You would be glorified. 

In Jesus Name


Prayer For A Quick Recovery After Surgery


Thank You that my daughter made it through the surgical procedure. I pray that now that the operation is over, the recovery process can start. 

I pray that there would be little to no pain for my daughter. I pray that You would work through the medications she receives from the hospital and that she would experience healing. 

I pray that You would fill her recovery room and her heart with Your peace and Your love.

I pray that she will feel comfort and relief that the procedure is over. I pray that her interactions with the medical staff are positive and informative. 

In Jesus Name


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Closing Thoughts

While surgical procedures can vary in levels of invasiveness, they all can be a cause of stress for the person getting the procedure and the family or caretakers as well.

While your daughter is in surgery, your mind will be racing and you’ll be thinking of everything from her first prayer as a toddler to her graduation or even her wedding day. You’ll think about the sometimes challenging teenage years or major milestones like the first time she got behind the wheel. If your daughter is younger then you’re probably imagining all these future events occurring. 

This is totally normal but now it’s time to slow down and stay in the moment. Being in prayer to our God Who cares deeply about His children is so good for our hearts, minds, and souls.

Focusing on God’s truth will combat the fear and the anxiety that can come from this situation. 

In Matthew 6:34 it says “ Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble”.

This is such a good reminder to us all to not focus on the fears of tomorrow, but to focus on what God has given us today. 

3 thoughts on “6 Impactful Prayers For Your Daughter Having Surgery”

  1. Debbie Raleigh

    Thank you Ann
    My daughter Stacey is in surgery right now She was having pain in her stomach this morning I took her to hospital this afternoon after waiting in ER for 4 hours we finally saw a doctor She needs to have her appendix removed. I’m far from home by myself 9pm I was going to call relatives for prayers I came across your prayers for my daughter what a blessing helped to pray, for all and pray to give my daughter peace
    lord You are always in control in every situation. As my daughter is in surgery right now I pray that
    You would protect her and bring forth healing through this procedure.

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