6 Caring Prayers About Hip Replacement

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Do you need prayers for an upcoming hip replacement?  Have you been at a loss for words when it comes to praying about your hip replacement?

You’ve clicked or scrolled to the right place!  These six caring prayers about a hip replacement will help give voice to your concerns as you pray to God.  We invite you to pray the prayers as they are written, or you can modify them as needed to better suit your particular circumstance.  You can use these prayers like a conversation starter with God as you allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you.

These prayers are for all of you whose hip joint is damaged or worn out, and you can’t get around like you used to be able to, or you are experiencing a good deal of pain in your hip joint, even when you are sitting or resting.

Most often it’s because of osteoarthritis. Your medical professional can give you good guidance. But what about your concerns and worries about replacing your hip?  Can you pray about it?

Of course, you can!  You can pray for hip replacement surgery just like you can pray for heart surgery, an ultrasound, a mammogram, or any other number of things in your life.  Don’t hold anything back from God if you’re worried about it!

A cheerful heart is good medicine,
    but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” Proverbs 17.22, NIV).

Scripture shows us that positivity and joy and goodness can actually help our body!  So, when it comes time for your hip replacement, know that as you pray, you are inviting God into that moment, into that surgery, into that recovery.

Short Prayer About a Hip Replacement

Dear Father God, I come to you in prayer about a hip replacement that apparently is in my future.  I went to the doctor for the pain in my hip area and after several tests and X-rays, we discovered that my joint is worn down, literally bone on bone.

Although there are some pain medications I can use in the meantime, I can’t put this off too much longer. Please give me peace about this as I am anxious about it. I pray this in the strong name of Jesus, my Healer, Amen.

Prayer Before Hip Replacement Surgery

God, I come to you in prayer with my family and my doctor right now. I am about to go into surgery to replace my hip and I’m sort of worried, but sort of not.  I know your healing hand will be at work through my doctor and this new joint.  I’ve just never had surgery before so I want it to go well.

Thank you for your comforting presence surrounding my wife and family while I am in the operating room.  Thank you for all the preparation that has gone into getting us to this point.  I give you thanks that I am in pretty good health so that this surgery can take place today.  I know I’ll be knocked out, but let me be at peace during this whole thing.

I pray there be no form of infection that will come into my body at all.  And I pray for a smooth an helpful recovery.  Thank you for this surgery so I can walk without pain.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Prayer During Hip Replacement Surgery

Lord God, I pray for my wife who is having hip replacement surgery right now.  She didn’t really want to have it done, but the pain got so bad she couldn’t ignore it any longer.

I pray for the doctors and nurses in the operating room right now, that you give them focus and steady hands.  I pray against any infection entering her body. I pray for a perfect insertion of the new joint and for her body to accept it, not reject it.  I thank you even now for healing her through this surgery.

I am grateful she will be able to walk fairly normally again after this.  I am grateful I could get off work to be here for her and for our insurance being able to cover most of the massive expense of this surgery.  Lord, you are providing for us in so many ways right now!

Thank you for all the prayers being lifted to you for my wife right now.  I pray everything goes well with this surgery.  In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Prayer After Hip Replacement Surgery

Dear God in heaven,  I made it through!  I am sitting here and am so happy to be done with this hip replacement surgery.  All the anesthesia has worn off and they’ve already had me up and walking around a little bit!  This is wonderful!

Thank you and praise you for your healing touch upon my body through this surgery!  I am grateful for the doctor and the nurses who took such great care of me during the surgery.  I am also so thankful for my husband who has been here the whole time and to see the relief and joy on his face.  Thank you for all the people who prayed for me today–I can feel their love washing over me as I recover.

I pray that I will do what I need to do each day to recover well from the surgery, and not do too much where I might mess it up for any reason.  I just want to get back to my regular life, and now without pain in my hip.  Thank you Lord Jesus, for it is in your holy name I pray, Amen.

Prayer For Rehab After Hip Replacement

Dear God, I am now home after my hip replacement and the doctors have scheduled plenty of physical therapy and rehab so my body gets used to this new joint.  Help me to look at this in a positive way and not complain about it.

I know it is necessary to continue the healing in my body, so I ask that you work in my mind and body to help me have the “want-t0” about all of this.  It will take a good deal of time, but I don’t want to go backward in my recovery. I want to keep moving forward, literally and emotionally, and keep on walking without pain.

I already feel better and can sleep these last couple of nights.  I pray to continue this positive momentum each and every day.  Let me walk out my healing!  In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Prayer to Accept the Need For a Hip Replacement

God, I need some help.  I think I might need to replace the hip joint in my right leg, but I haven’t been to the doctor to get it checked out.  I feel like if I do, then I’m going to have to have it done, and to me, that will feel like I’m getting to be an old man.  I don’t want to admit that or embrace that at all.

I’ve almost gotten used to the pain as I walk these days, but lately, the pain is really keeping me awake at night. I think my joint is probably pretty shot.  I just don’t want to admit that this is part of the aging process.

I guess I’m not going to be able to do that very much longer, and the fact that I’m praying to you about it means I know what I have to do.  I just have to follow through on that knowledge.

Help me get out of myself and do the right thing for my body and for my life.  Help me to call my doctor.  In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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Concluding Thoughts

It’s not easy admitting that we need help.  It also can be a struggle to admit that we are getting older and that with that aging process, there is preventive maintenance for our bodies.

The good news is that medical technology is increasing in its effectiveness year by year.  And the God we pray to can work his healing power through medicine, therapy, and surgery.  We’re praying to the God who raises people from the dead!  Surely God can handle your worries and concerns about replacing a hip joint.

Indeed, we felt we had received the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead”  (2 Corinthians 1.9, NIV).

As you prepare for your hip replacement and recover after the surgery has been completed, remind yourself with a regular prayer that God is healing you.  Remind yourself that you will be able to walk without such pain as you are experiencing now.  Let the Holy Spirit envelop your thoughts with his comfort and peace.

As you pray about your hip replacement, invite others to pray these prayers with you.  Perhaps you may even start singing those classic lyrics, “And walks with me and he talks with me.”  Think about walking in a new way, walking with faith in the God who healed you and strengthens you day after day.

We invite you to share your surgery successes and prayer requests in the comments section below.

1 thought on “6 Caring Prayers About Hip Replacement”

  1. Susan Terragnoli

    Finding this site was such a blessing to my husband and I – as he was VERY reluctant to have the surgery. We read together the before prayers. I read the one about the reluctance to have surgery( I also need a knee replaced).
    It set the tone to try and minister to the staff at the hospital ( which God did open doors) . There was a slight hiccup but we knew God was in control .🙏✝️
    I look forward to exploring other prayers you have as we start our Faith Community Nursing at our church. Thank you again, brother!

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