11 Calming Prayers for My Sister Having Surgery

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The need to pray for your sister’s upcoming surgery may be sudden or you may have anticipated that need well in advance. Either way, it can be difficult to know what words you need to speak over your sister during such a trying time in her life. Thankfully, we serve a God who is with us and cares deeply for both our spiritual and physical needs.

Everything your sister has faced leading up to surgery can help prepare your heart for supplication and prayer.

Many times, it is a long process to determine whether or not surgery is the proper route for healing. Other times, it is an emergency or the only immediate solution to the problem at hand.

Your sister is now at a point where she knows that this is the treatment that she needs in order to become more functional or to lead to a path of healing. Praying for the details of her surgery before, during, and after is crucial to her road to recuperation. 

 Prayer is more than just sending “good vibes” your sister’s way. But prayer, with the support of Scripture, can fix our hearts and attitudes on Christ. A positive and joyful mindset in prayer can override the tendency to simply pray out of fear of anxiety. 

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

As you pray for your sister’s surgery, this will also be an opportunity for you to participate in the healing process. Encourage her through prayer and with a joyful heart.

What words do you use to encourage her during this time? Comment below with the specific type of surgery that your sister will be facing.

Prayers for My Sister Before Surgery

We’ll start by looking at prayers that are most relevant before your sister’s surgery.

Prayer For Her Diagnosis

Lord, You know all things. You know every detail of my sister’s diagnosis and her need for surgery. I pray that you will provide for all of her physical and financial needs. Give her wisdom as she communicates with her doctor and their office. Let their conversations be clear and the plans for her surgery make sense to her so that she can properly prepare.

Walk with her through this diagnosis so that she can find peace and healing.

Short Prayer For Your Sister Before Surgery 

Lord, if you can heal my sister’s body without surgery, I ask that you do that for her. If it is your will for her to have this surgery, make that absolutely clear. I pray that she follows the instructions of her doctors.

Alleviate any pain she may be experiencing and use this time of difficulty to strengthen her relationship with you. Grant her wisdom to take special care of herself in the days ahead of her surgery.

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Prayer For Her Medical and Surgical Staff

Lord, grant the medical staff wisdom and practical understanding of the surgery that will take place. Give those that will be attending to my sister a heart of compassion toward her. Place the right doctor and the right nurses in the room with my sister.

Lay out that day according to your purpose and direct each person who will be there in reception and surgery. I pray for the personal lives of the medical staff. Encourage them as they do the good work of helping others to find healing.

Prayer For Her Anxiety Before Surgery

Lord, lift the spirits of my sister as she is under the stress of an approaching surgery. Sooth her apprehension and answer any questions that she may be asking in preparation. Grant her restful sleep in the nights approaching the procedure.

Surround her with your unfailing love and comfort. Fill her with peace beyond understanding that will also encourage others who may have a similar surgery. Place within her a heart of thankfulness with both the good and that bad days that she will face. Remove anxiety, and replace it with joy.

Prayers for My Sister During Surgery

Now, let’s look at prayers you can pray during your sister’s surgery.

Prayer For Her Body

Lord, I ask that every step of the surgical process will go as planned. May my sister’s body respond properly to each treatment. Remove fully whatever needs to be removed. Keep intact everything that needs to be intact.

May her body accept the rehabilitation that will take place during and after surgery. I pray that you will grant her good health and that you would bind every wound (Psalm 147:3).

Prayer Your Sister’s Surgical Staff

Lord, guide the hands of the surgical staff. Help their minds to operate swiftly and accurately during the surgery. Grant them focus and fortitude as they put away the troubles of their day to operate on my sister.

I pray that you will bless them and the work that they are doing for so many. Help them to see that you have a purpose for their lives and for the job that they do every day.

Short Prayer For Your Sister During Surgery

Lord, I ask that my sister’s surgery will be completely successful. Mend her in every way and carry her through this time of recuperation. I pray that all will go well with this surgery and that she will be in good health both physically and even down to her very soul (3 John 1:2).

I ask that she does not experience any pain or traumatic side effects during the surgery. Let the doctor’s hands work efficiently and correctly. Remove any obstacles and let the whole surgery go smoothly.

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Prayers for My Sister After Surgery

Finally, we’ll look at prayers for your sister after her surgery is complete.

Prayer For Your Sister After Surgery

Lord, give my sister patience as her body is in time of healing. I pray that you will remove any pain from the sight of the surgery. I pray that her body will continue to respond well and that her lesions will heal quickly and correctly.

If she does experience any pain or discomfort, let it be a reminder for her to lean on your comfort and your strength. As her body continues to adjust, give my sister all that she needs to trust in the healing process. 

Prayer for Follow-up Visits

Lord, as my sister attends doctor visits and goes through a process of rehabilitation, let these be positive experiences. Give her wisdom to follow their instructions and to keep up with any treatments that her doctor provides for her.

I pray that each check-up will be timely and go according to schedule. Let each visit bring her closer to complete healing and restoration of health. Following each visit, fill my sister with a heart of gratitude.

Prayer for Your Sister’s Recovery

Lord, I ask that you sustain my sister as she is on her sick-bed and that you restore her to full health (Psalm 41:3). Grant her patience and resilience during this time of recovery. Help her to see that this is temporary and that you hold her future. I

pray that you will meet all of her needs and remind her friends and family to encourage her through words, prayers, cards, and visits. May all of her steps to recovery be successful.

Prayer for Friends and Family to be Encouraging

Lord, place thoughtful and kind friends and family in my sister’s life as she is on the road to recovery. Keep her on their minds as they wake up and as they walk through their day. Give them the wisdom and hearts of intentionality to reach out. Give them the right words to say that will lift her spirits. Use each of us in different and special ways. Teach us all to think of others more than ourselves and to live in godly community.

The Lord gives sight to the blind, the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down, the Lord loves the righteous.

Psalm 146:8

Closing Thoughts

We know God is capable of healing the blind as well as meeting all kinds of other needs for any member of our family. He can attend to both the physical and the spiritual ailments that we are facing.

Ultimately, God desires for each of us to follow Him with a righteous heart. As you pray for your sister having surgery, keep in mind that God has a comprehensive and whole view of healing. He is ready to miraculously work in all areas of your sister’s life and those who will interact with her during this difficult time.

Like the father, Jairus, who ran to Jesus out of faith–we too can run to Jesus knowing that we don’t have to be afraid. “Just believe, and she will be healed.” Luke 8:50 

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