9 Timely Prayers For The Afternoon

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Have you considered praying in the afternoon? Do you need to pray in the middle of the day?

These nine timely prayers for the afternoon are just what you need to get you started. It’s a long-held myth that it’s best to pray to God in the morning, so “your day gets started right.” That may be good, as far as it goes, but know this: God is not limited by our conception of time or day, so you can pray to God any time, anywhere, about anything.

“Evening and morning and at noon I will pray, and cry aloud, and he will hear my voice” ( Psalm 55.17, NLT).

If you need God, then cry out to him whenever you need to, regardless of what it says on the clock. It can be an encouraging touch point to pray to God in the middle of your day. While you don’t need to pray on the hours like some do at monasteries, you can easily include more prayer into your day with these prayers.

Each prayer is written from a certain perspective, so you can find the one that works best for you. As well, you can also modify the wording of the prayers to fit your specific scenario. I would encourage you to also look at how often should I pray, or prayers to get closer to God.

As you continue in your journey of prayer with God, let us hear from you by commenting in the section at the bottom of this article. Keep on praying!

Short Prayer For The Afternoon

Dear Lord God, I feel like I need to pray to you, here in the middle of my day. The afternoon time looms long before me and I need strength to get through the next few hours. I just don’t have the energy or drive in me today. I pray you will help me get to the end of this work day and that I can get rest tonight. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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Prayer For Midday By A Mom

Dear Lord, I come to you at this midday hour to pray for my children. Please keep them safe and healthy as they go about their day. Help them to make wise choices and to stay away from danger. I pray that they will grow up to be strong and courageous Christians.

I also pray for my husband. Please give him wisdom and guidance as he works to provide for our family. Help him to be a good role model for our children and his co-workers.

Thank you for all that you have done for our family. We are so grateful for your love and blessings. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer For Midday By A Dad

Lord God, I pray for my family in this afternoon hour. Please bless my wife and children wherever they are right now. Help them to know your love and to grow in their faith, in perhaps the simplest way today.

I also pray for my work and all I need to complete before I leave today. Please help me to be a good employee and an encouragement to those around me. I am grateful that I am a father and I thank you for giving me the love and strength to handle this wonderful honor and responsibility. In the name of Jesus, I speak this prayer to you, Amen.

Prayer For The Afternoon By A High School Student

Heavenly Father, I come to you at lunchtime to pray for my studies this afternoon. Please help me to focus and to learn. Give me the wisdom to understand the material so I can make use of it in some tangible way.

I also pray for my friends and family. Please keep them safe and healthy. Help me to be a good friend to my classmates. Thank you for giving me a good night’s rest last night so I can stay awake this afternoon. Hear my prayer through Jesus, Amen.

An Employee’s Midday Prayer

Dear Lord God, please help me to be a good employee and to do my work well this afternoon. It’s been quite a hectic morning, so, give me the patience to deal with difficult customers and the wisdom to make wise decisions as I close out this day in a few hours.

I also pray for my coworkers. Please bless them and keep them safe in all that they are doing. Help us to work together as a team and to achieve our goals so we can all benefit from shared success. I am so very thankful to even have this job, Lord, so help me to keep working here. I give you thanks through Jesus, Amen.

Afternoon Prayer By A Boss

God, I am pausing from a very busy day to take a few minutes to focus on you and pray for my employees. Please help them to be productive and to do their work well. We are in a busy season so I ask that you help each person to have an extra measure of understanding with their co-workers.

I pray for this company and its continued success. We have faced a few bumps in the road, but together we handled everything and have moved forward with some good momentum. I pray that continues through the rest of this year, Lord.

Help me to be a good boss to those whom I manage and thank you for this chance to lead others. I pray this all in the name of Jesus, Amen.

A Nurse’s Afternoon Prayer

Lord Jesus, I want to pray to you during my midday break and ask that you give me the wisdom to care for my patients during my shift. I want to make them feel safe and offer hope for their healing.

I also pray for my colleagues. Please bless them and keep them safe. Help us to work together as a team and to provide the best possible care for our patients. We can’t do any of this alone, so I am glad I have compassionate co-workers who enjoy this job, despite its many challenges.

I am grateful for how you provide for me and my family through my nursing. I give you thanks through Jesus, Amen.

Prayer For The Afternoon By A Teacher

Dear Lord God, at this midday hour I come to you to pray for my students. I pray they can stay awake and focus and learn what they need to learn, from me and in each of their classes.

I can see they face so many challenges in their lives and I try to help as best I can, but I am their teacher, not their parent. Help me to keep proper boundaries and to give solid encouragement when there is an opening to do so.

Help each student know that they are seen and are of value here. Help me to notice the ones who are getting ignored. I pray for the strength to make it through the rest of this day. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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A Policeman’s Midday Prayer

Dear Father God, I pray for your protection as I patrol my beat. Give me the wisdom to make wise decisions and to deal with difficult situations as they arise. Keep me attentive and aware of what’s going on around me as I drive these city streets.

I like what I do Lord, and pray for opportunities this shift to interact with people in this community in a positive way. I want to show them that we really are here to protect and serve. Guide my steps and my words this day, O Lord. In the name of Jesus I lift this prayer to you, Amen.

Final Thoughts

Midday is a time when many people are feeling tired and drained. It can be a challenge to stay focused and productive during this time of day. But as a follower of Jesus Christ, you can use an afternoon prayer to help you recharge and stay connected to God.

Scripture tells us to “pray without ceasing,” but that can feel overwhelming, like you’re supposed to be kneeling by your bed 24 hours a day. I take it to mean that you can reach out to God in prayer at any time of the day, and God will meet you in those moments.

You are not limited to a certain day or hour to pray to God, so turning to God at the midday, or afternoon hours can serve as a spiritual refreshment.

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful” (Colossians 4.2, NIV).

As you pray any of the preceding prayers, or come up with your own, I offer these suggestions to help you focus your mind, heart, and words. In the end, you pray in the way that you feel comfortable communicating with God!

Give thanks for the blessings of the morning. Take a few minutes to reflect on all the things you are grateful for, such as your health, your family, your friends, your job, or your home.
Ask God for guidance and strength for the afternoon. Pray for help in making wise decisions, overcoming challenges, and staying focused on your goals.
Pray for others. Take some time to pray for your loved ones, your community, or the world. Ask God to bless them and keep them safe.
Consider a  Bible verse. Read a passage of Scripture and allow the words to speak to your heart. Ask God to help you understand and apply the passage to your life.

I encourage you to make midday prayers a part of your daily routine. It is a simple way to stay connected to God and receive his blessings, just by speaking your heart to God in prayer!

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