10 Fresh Prayers For Friday

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Do you need to pray about your Friday?

While you may pray on a daily or regular basis, have you considered praying about a specific day of the week?

Check out these 10 clear prayers for Friday your week.  Perhaps you look at Friday as the end of the week, or the early start of the weekend.  Whatever your view, you can find a prayer you can use to bring God into your day.

We tried to cover several Friday scenarios, we may not have covered them all, so you are welcome to alter any of the prayers to suit your specific situation.  The purpose of these prayers is to help you pray about Friday in a way you might not have considered.  They’re also to give you a prayer to pray if you’re uncertain how to pray.

If you have not prayed before, or you don’t pray regularly, don’t worry.  Prayer is merely talking to God, so talk to God like you were in a conversation.  Say what’s in your heart, what you want God to hear.  These prayers can be a starting point for you to just that.

If you read the creation story,  each day God was at work creating.  So, if we overlay our modern week on the creation narrative, it looks like God was doing something on a Friday.

What that means for us is however we look at Friday, there are things we need to do, can do, and should do. Wouldn’t it make sense to pray about Friday so we can face whatever those things are? Sure, Monday might get more attention since it’s the start of the week but Friday is just as important.

When Jesus was tempted, he spent much time in prayer and responded:

 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4.4, NIV).

Prayer is a way to bring the words of God into your life.  You can use these prayers, based on God’s truth, to connect with God.  You can use scripture verses and pray them as well.  We can’t function merely by going through our day and not praying to God.

Let these prayers be food for your soul as you walk through your Friday with God the Father.

Short Prayer For Friday

Dear God, I give you thanks for getting me to Friday.  It’s been some kind of week and I’m looking forward to the weekend that begins tomorrow.  I’m grateful for all you have done for me each day this week and now, on Friday, I can take a breath.  I pray this prayer of gratitude through Jesus Christ, Amen.

A Prayer For Friday Night Football

Dear God, it is Friday and that means Friday night football games in my area.  I want my team to win, of course, but that’s not why I am praying to you.

I pray to you about Friday nigh football because I want each player to be kept safe as they play a very physically hard sport. I pray for the fans to remember everyone around them is a fellow human being.  I pray for the fans to remember that the people on the field they are screaming at are mere teenagers.

I pray for the officials to have good judgment and clarity as they call the game. I pray for the coaches to instill good sportsmanship in their players.  I pray for the cheerleaders as they keep team spirit positive.  I pray for the band and their talent to be appreciated.

I give you thanks that there is a sense of community connection and pride around these Friday night football games. Let everyone be in that spirit throughout this evening.  I give you thanks that each person has the opportunity to participate in whatever form that takes tonight.  I ask these things, and make this prayer in the name of Jesus, Amen.

A Friday Prayer For School

God, can you help me get through this Friday?  I have three major tests today and then SAT preparation later in the afternoon.  I’ve studied as much as I can, but I don’t feel prepared as I think I should be.

I’m not asking you to make answers appear on my tests or anything.  I just want to do my best on each test, so please help my mind to work properly.  Help my brain to recall the information I know is there and that I studied to learn.  These tests make up about half my grade in each class, so I need to do well.

Keep my nerves calm and surround me with your peace so I don’t get anxious.  I can’t function well when I get overly anxious.  I made sure to get plenty of sleep and I ate a good breakfast so I am as ready as I can be, I guess.

I’m relying on your strength in my life to help me make it through each hour of this challenging Friday.  I know you hear my prayer and for that, I am glad.  Thank you for Jesus, who has given me the way to talk to you in prayer, my God.  It is in the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

A Friday Prayer For Work

This is it, Lord, the last day of my work week.  I had to work multiple shifts this week, so I need extra strength to make it through this Friday.  I don’t want to slack off or do my job halfway.  I want to work hard and put in a full day because that’s my work ethic.

I’m praying to you now because mental “want-to” is ahead of my physical “can-I-do-it.”  I’m just worn down after a hard week.  Give me endurance I do not have at the moment.  Give me clear thinking so I don’t make silly mistakes today.  I trust in the truth of the Bible that says you are my Strength and my Shield, because that’s what I need you to be for me today.

I am thankful for this job and how you provide for me and my family through it.  I want to do the work that is worthy of the pay, not so much so my boss is proud of my work (although that’s nice and all).  I want to do the work so I am proud of myself and that I maintained my integrity and character.  On this difficult Friday, help me live out who I believe myself to be.  In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

A Friday Morning Prayer

O Lord my God, I give you thanks for this day, Friday!  I got deep and restful sleep last night and when I woke up I felt good. I haven’t felt this way in several days, so I wanted to start my Friday off with a prayer of thankfulness to you, my God and my Savior!

I have plans for what I want to do today, but right now I open myself up to your Spirit to guide me.  As I go about my Friday, help me to see your hand at work in people around me and my circumstances.  Send me forth into this glorious Friday with loving kindness.

Maybe I will check off all of the things on my to-do list, or maybe I won’t.  But I know that I will have gone through this day under your direction and by your grace and mercy.  I am grateful you helped me to realize what a gift this new day is.  I am blessed by your generosity in caring for me and loving me.  And literally, Lord, Thank God it is Friday!  In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

A Friday Midday Prayer

Lord, I pause now, at this midday hour, to center my attention upon you.  If I don’t stop now and turn my eyes upon Jesus, I may lose sight of you as the busyness of this Friday snowballs into the afternoon.

As I pray now, my mind is already growing quieter.  My heart rate is slowing down.  My breathing has become more even.  May your peace continue to surround me in the middle of this hectic Friday, with all of its end-of-the-week things that have to be done right now!

I stop and I pray to slow that force.  I pray for the rest of my Friday to go smoothly.  I pray for patience and clarity of thought as I juggle what tasks to complete in the time I have.  I give you thanks that your Spirit nudged me to turn off my phone and go to a quiet place and pray.  I can feel the difference, even as I end this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

A Friday Evening Prayer

It is now Friday evening, Lord God, and I am at home and praying to you.  You have brought me safely here from a long week of travel and so many meetings.  It is good to be home as this work week ends.

There is something comforting about praying to you as the week winds down and the busyness seems to lessen. I know it only by your involvement in my life and my situation that I have made it through this week.  I saw evidence of your touch and guidance each day, bringing me to this Friday.

Things that could have gone off the rails remained steady.  Circumstances that looked like they were going sideways stayed on the straight and narrow.  Some people say they never see God at work.  As I pray now on this Friday evening, I have seen you at work all week long.

I give you thanks through Jesus Christ, for it is through him and because of his love, that I pray, Amen.

A Friday Prayer Before Going to Bed

It’s so quiet Lord as I head to bed on this Friday.  I welcome the silence after a very noisy day.  I was assaulted with the noise of political divisiveness, the noise of financial stress, the noise of misplaced anger.

But now, as Friday ends and Saturday soon begins, I hear your love in the stillness.  I hear your grace wash over me as I sit and pray to you.  It is you who walked with me through this frantic Friday, guiding me and keeping me safe.

I thank you for a peaceful ending as I go to sleep tonight.  In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

A Friday Prayer To End the Week

Lord God, I prayed to you to start this week, and now I pray to you to end this week.  I know there is Saturday and Sunday, but for me, Friday is the end of the week and the weekend is the weekend.

My spouse invited me to pray to you each day of this week and I have to tell you that I didn’t see the point.  But, now that I have done it each day this week, I am so glad I did.  Praying to you daily really helped center me to begin each day.

And now that it’s Friday, I want to pray to you again, thanking you for giving me a sense of your presence each day of this week.  I end this week in better spirits than when I started.  I end this week more at peace in my relationship with you, Lord, and for that I am very happy.

Thank you for leading me so I could follow you this week. I pray this prayer of gratitude to end this wonderful week in the name of Jesus, Amen.

A Friday Prayer For Your Family

Dear God, I pray for my family on this Friday.  Each of us has been all over the place this week.  My spouse had a couple of out-of-town meetings.  My daughter had a school field trip and my son was away for an extended job interview.  I was busy running all over town with errands and job tasks.

But now it is Friday and we will all be at home at the same time.  I thank you for watching over each of us and keeping us safe.  I thank you that we have a house to come home to.  I thank you that Friday means that the weekend is next and we can reconnect.

Thank you Lord, for getting us to this Friday. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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Thankful Prayer For Friday

Lord Jesus, it is Friday and toward the end of the week, but it’s also a new day! It’s a chance to finish the week strong and to prepare for the weekend ahead. Thank you for the work that I have been able to accomplish this week and for the people I have been able to help.

I am grateful for tomorrow and the opportunity to rest and recharge over the weekend, but for right now, I want to focus on what this new day holds for me. I hope to be productive and efficient today as I live in this present moment.

Help me to finish up any loose ends and to prepare for the week ahead. And enable me to enjoy the weekend and to spend time with my loved ones. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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Consider This

For most people, Friday signifies the end of the traditional work week, and the day before the weekend begins.  There’s a finality to Friday.  Popular culture has even created the handy TGIF phrasing!  Given the background on Friday and the meaning of its name, it’s no wonder that we look forward to Friday.

“Friday. The golden child of the weekdays. The superhero of the workweek. The welcome wagon to the weekend.” —Anonymous

If you’re curious, here’s a brief history on how we got our current understanding of the days of the week.  Ancient Babylonians  created our modern calendar based on the lunar cycle.  Then the ancient Romans named the days  after various gods and goddesses relating to certain planets. Anglo-Saxon cultures influenced how we know and call the days of the week now.  The emperor Constantine, a convert to Christianity, instituted the current week,  with Sunday as the first day of the week.

So, when you pray about Friday, you are inviting God into your day, into the end of your work week- all while looking forward to the future.

For followers of Jesus, of course, Friday has special significance because it’s the day Jesus was crucified on the cross for our sins.  All four Gospels record this moment in the life of Jesus, this moment of completion.  In John’s telling, we hear Jesus communicating that his purpose has been completed:

A jar of wine vinegar was there, so they soaked a sponge in it, put the sponge on a stalk of the hyssop plant, and lifted it to Jesus’ lips.  When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit” (John 19.29-30, NIV).

This biblical story impacts us even today.  We have the offer of salvation because of what was finished on a Friday. This naturally leads to us wanting to have things completed by Friday.

Work deadlines are often accompanied by, “Can you get it done by Friday?”  Teachers likely declare, “Your term papers are due by Friday.”  Our traditional work week ends on Friday.  We may very well get paid on Friday.  Friday means something is ending.  But it also means something is beginning–the weekend!

All of this matters to you as you pray on a Friday.  You may pray for a good end of the week.  You may be praying for a good beginning of the weekend.  But praying on a Friday, or praying for a Friday signifies that you want God in the midst of it.

You’re acknowledging that you want God involved in what you are doing.  That’s a sign of faith and spiritual growth.  May your connection with Almighty God continue to flourish as you pray.  We hope these Friday prayers are but one way for you to move forward in faith as you follow Jesus.

We invite you to share your prayer requests or comments in the section below.

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